DID YOU KNOW: That to guard hook is natural remedy for many diseases? Here’s how to use it. …..

A multi-herb which can grow up to 30 cm. as to its survival in nature, very well tolerated and low and high temperatures. It is resistant to drought, because the inside of the sheets is filled with a reserve of water.

This herb can grow everywhere-between the stones, the rock, the different types of land, and some even raised the roof on the house, it is not surprising to plant and the terrace into the pot. The color of the leaves may be green, burgundy or purple and the flower appears on top and mostly red.

If you are wondering what is curative in this plant, the answer is apple and formic acid. This herb its implementation is found in folk medicine and modern research are focused on polysaccharides of the juice because of them attributed to action of the immune system, and treatment of cancer.


A series of remedial actions having the best known is the fact that eliminates excess fat in the ear canal. Although the juice from the leaves is good for diseases and injuries of the skin, ulcers, cuts and burns. Also the medical juice of this herb is used for many years to remove corns and warts, and sunspots.


Halve a few leaves and squeeze 2-3 drops of juice in the painful ear. Leave several minutes, and turn the head on the other side for the juice to run out.


If the leaves of guard hook are combined with honey, then it is effective for the infection of the mouth. Juice is a good diuretic, and has a laxative effect. Guard hook is used in situations of tension, anxiety and fear.


Grind the leaves of guard hook in food processor, after pour into plastic dish and mix with honey.  Unite the mixture with wooden or plastic spoon. Then in a larger jar pour the mixture and close. To avoid touching light coated the jar with aluminum foil. Leave the jar in the refrigerator for 5 days.

The sixth day, on an empty stomach take 2 tablespoons of the mixture of plastic and for 20 minutes did not eat anything, drink only water.

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