Honey wrap-treats severe cough for only one night!( children older than 6 months and adults)

The essence of the treatment of cough is a natural method, which is used for long time for treating diseases in the respiratory tract, according uspesnazena.com

Honey contains high biological activity, and with the help of coatings can be discarded mucus (sputum) which is accompanied by strong cough.

Wrap based on honey is an excellent that eliminates cough, literally for one night. It is recommended for children, and also for adults.



It required small amounts….



-vegetable oil



-bandage tape



Mix flour with small amount honey, a mixture to obtain a coating which does not stick to hands. Add vegetable oil and put the coating again in flour. Put the mixture in napkin and wrap it in gauze. Fasten it on the chest or back, with bandage tape. Than put your pyjama.


Beware not to put the coating near heart, but you can stick it like you want.

Leave the coating on your child for 2-3 hours, it is better when it sleeps, adults can keep it all night.

For adults, to the stronger the effect you can add powdered mustard.

This time happens actively sweating, it is possible the bed to be wet.

So you can put more protection on the sheets.


Such honey wrap have a good anti-inflammatory effect of the fact gentle warming. Visible positive results will appear in the initial stasis disease, which passes without complications.

You can repeat the treatment several days, and after the first use you can notice significant relief.


For cough can be used in children older than 6 months. The child must not have skin infertility and injuries of the skin.

Pay attention that the child is not allergic to pollen products. You can make test by putting little honey on its skin.

In case of redness or swelling, it means that there is a allergic reaction, and in this case these wraps are not used.

Also they are not used if the child’s temperature is more than 37 degrees.

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