Leech is miracle-even doctors have returned to their use!

Genetic mass of leeches is a project of medicine today that many expected.

Leech dilute the blood so that ejaculate anticoagulants and secrete molecules act as an anesthetic.

Doctors consider the most effective drugs against inflammation of the veins and pain in the joints.

In the mid 19th century in France were used annually 60 million leeches.

Even today in some hospitals leech are useful as an additional tool for reparative and reconstructive microsurgery and orthopedics.

In countries where the use of leech for therapeutic purposes is commonplace, the law stipulates that they must be disposable and the controlling of origin.

French neuroimunolog Dr. Michel Salzach claims that leech is an animal that can regenerate their nervous system, unlike the man.

Pharmacists already isolate hirudin a potent anticoagulant of leech’s saliva.

It can be used to treat cardiovascular disease, and it is believed that by creating the genome will enable many new discoveries.

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