Oregano heals cold

Famous for being indispensable seasoning for pizza and pasta, oregano and extremely effective plant.

ALL known as an essential seasoning for pizza and pasta, oregano is extremely effective herb that contains many medicinal ingredients and essential oils.

Studies have shown that there are two to three times more antioxidant activity than other foods. Apple as much as 42 times higher, 30 times from potatoes, oranges 12, blueberries four times …

Tea oregano regulates numerous health problems caused by falling immunity and disruption of the intestinal flora, and is especially recommended in case of bronchitis, colds, sore throats.

The taste of it is indeed unusual, a strong sense of bitterness is retained for a long time after drinking.

To avoid the wrong dose, it is best at the pharmacy or health food store to buy tea bags.

If you prefer to do it in 2 dl of boiling water put one to two teaspoons crumbled oregano leaves and let stand covered for at least five minutes.

Then strain and drink. The finished tea treat engages in a large teapot, as long as it stands, it becomes more palatable, but only until it is snug.

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