One often present symptom that bothers many people is gall stone. According statistics problem occurs more frequently in women than in man. Main symptom is bitterly belching, vomiting, followed by pain in the right side around the ribs which spread toward the heart with nausea.

When the rocks start to move patient suffers severe pain after several hours. Yet many people do not feel anything and stones reveal accidently. If you have gall stones and have no complaints danger of problems and complications exist. In this cases the only solution is surgery, we suggest you try the national remedy that can help you to avoid surgery. This recipe is recommended by the famous Maria Demand herbalist Austria whose books have been sold over 10 million copies.


Therapy lasts 6 weeks. To treat gall stones you need fresh radishes and juicer. Each morning squeeze juice radishes in a juicer. Drink every morning on an empty stomach. Then not eat anything for half an hour. The process takes 6 weeks start with 100 g. radishes and gradually every six days elevated dose of 200 g, and 300 and the end 400g. After using 400 g. starts to reduce the dose every 6 days to the end of the 6th week. Practice showed excellent in most cases. Exceptions are types of stones which are not destroyable. Most types of stones melt away with the juice radishes certainly with regular adherence to therapy of 6 weeks. Recipe is free to use unless you suffer from abdominal or stomach wall.


As with most illnesses, the most important thing is to change the diet that causes the appearance of gall stones.  We have to limit intake of fatty foods rich in fat animal, cheese, milk, butter, sugar and so many.

It is recommended diet rich in fruits and vegetables especially grapefruit, grapes and pears. Is required daily movement and consumption of olive oil and lemon juice.

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