Anthony Jukopila his vitality prescribes to herbs which he collects by himself and uses them as cure. Even the president Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic has sample of his herbs……

Herb pastor of Oprtalj, Anthony Jukopila (80), found itself at the Belgian court and the pope’s visit Ivan Pavla 2. Words they deserved it and his entourage.

Well he and former President Ivo Josipovic, with who I met, and the current president Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic has a sample of my bitter-says pastor whose drink named ’Pastor’s herb’. It contains 24 herbs that treat numerous diseases and ailments, and the mayor says perfecting probably 10 years.

I am making it according to an old Dubrovnik monk recipe from 1570 year. Treat airways, gastroenterological problems and many other things. You cannot buy it in shop, you can find it only in my office in Oprtalj. I have received prices for my herb, but my greatest price are the people when they say that my herb helps them says Jukopila, who loves medical herbs which gets from Istra, but also from the islands.  His love for herbs begins in his childhood, thanks to his grandmother Marry which dealt with medical herbs.


She did various medicinal teas- claims Jukopila, who never gave up collecting herbs some of which carefully cultivated in his garden. He did not say which medical herbs are in his drops, but he said beside the herbs there is also distiller (half brandy and half wine).

At the beginning I made this bitter for me and my friends, but when people started to ask for it, I begin bottling.

But I do not produce great amount of this medical drink- says pastor who has finished technical school, worked as scientist in Uljanik and then in building construction enterprises.

In the end he decided to serve God as a pastor and has been working for 43 years. Pray the rosary every day by walking 3 km. He believes that friendship with God helps his view clear and vital appearance. Big role probably has collecting plants like basin, Jerusalem artichokes, wild rosemary, basil, oregano, mother’s soul.

  • Besides bitter, I like drinking teas of plants. Every garden has to have lavender, basil, all type of mint and bay leaves and the disease is absent -I believe.
  • Many people come, believers, for medical advice, he claims that in the small finger has remedy for indigestion. Pastor says that he is rare sick, mobile, therefore can tirelessly to gather herbs that mean life.


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