Russian pediatrician advises – As children will begin to run nose, put them one drop of this elixir in the nose!(RECIPE)

This elixir destroys bacteria and viruses, and it is used to treat inflamed sinus.

Moscow’s main pediatrician otolaryngologist- Prof. d r. Tatjana Gerascenko advises parents to help their children by simply natural remedy.


Squeeze one drop of black and (red) onion add 5 drops of water (which was previously boiled and cooled).

How it is made onion juice?

To make juice from onion should clean one head of onion to make porridge and then to squeeze the juice.

This solution caps a child, especially if the cold lasts longer. One or two drops in each nostril (depends of the child’s age). 1-3 time a day.

If the child refuses to droppers, use a spray for nose or put a drop on cotton like those one to clean ears (without the stick of course) so piss her nose squeeze the juice and remove out.

Do not be afraid from great discharge from the nose- in this way we heal and inflammation of the sinuses. Comes to actively cleaning the nose which is released by bacteria and viruses, says dr. Tatjana Garascenko.



Red onion extracts rich in phenolic component. Phenols and polyphenols from various plants or groups of the compounds are considered to be antimicrobial activity.

Red onions regarded as the richest source of flavonoids in the human diet.

It has antioxidant activity which depends on the content of phenolic components and flavonoids, and is reduced from outer envelope to the inside.

The flavonoids it is important to point out that quercetin intensively studied because they were shown to inactivate some things that encourage tumor growth. Studies have shown that quercetin with vitamin C can have a fantastic antiviral activity.  It is proven their anti-inflammatory antiviral, antibacterial and antioxidant effects. Bioactive components of the Red onion showed antibacterial and anti-fungal effects.

Especially helps prevent inflammatory reactions that lead to allergies and asthma, it is recommended to persons suffering from sore throat and bronchitis.

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