The vegetable that treats EVERYTHING ! The leaf is even more useful, and everyone is throwing it!

It is doubtful that there is more useful vegetable than beet. If u cook it with the leaf you will be very healthy.

The beet is characterized with red color and powerful anti cancerogenous features from the antocians.

Along with that, the beet contains betain that has anti-inflammatory features, keeps the heart healthy and contains B1, B2, B12, C, iron, magnesium, iodine and a lot of important ingredients.

The beets regulates the blood flow, cholesterol level and helps the liver work properly. It is excellent against anemia and aging.

It has high level of antioxidants, cellulose and pectin which is good for digesting.

It is recommended that every sportsman/sportswoman cosume beet because it increases the power and stamina.

How to it eat? Raw, squeezed, boiled, baked – its all good! But don’t throw away the leaf.

Instead, cook it, because of its enormous amount of potassium.

The newest research says that ingesting food with a high amount of potassium, and with lowering amount of sodium intake reduces the risk of hearth diseases by 21 percent.

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