Did meat, sausage, bacon, hot dogs, liverwurst feed us or make oncology patients?

We skip in help and bring you brief guide for avoiding danger which hides in our favorite food. ’Hello’, made a research in which case we should not put in our shopping car bacon, hot dogs, sausage, liverwurst!

In order to know what to buy take a magnifying glass with you when shopping (joke, but  partly because the letters of the statements are quite small).

Afterwards, remember these useful advices from Dr. vet medicine Miroslav Stojsic, ex vet inspector.

-Most important thing is to read declarations. First reason not to buy sausages, hot dogs, salami is when they have mark MSM. That means that the meat is separated , the bones are grind, in which deposited all antibiotics, hormones, heavy metals and other toxins that the animal had eaten even alive.

Same is when you find emulsifier nitrate on the declaration marked as E249, E250, E251, and E252.

They are harmful because with amino acids of meat make merger carcinogenic nitrosamine. Return back sausage, bacon, hot dogs salami on the shelf if you see on the declaration polyphosphates marked E451, E452, E453 because are genotoxic or popularly told, they are destroying our genes.

Especially make sure you do not eat product that has E407 for carrageenan. He sticks to the walls of the guts makes wounds that can then turn into colon cancer-warns the expert.

He adds, if you have seen on same product flavor enhancer- glutamine, that is proof that there is no meat.

Everything stated above applies to durable and semi-durable meat products. When the meat is in question, if you buy for example pork cutlets make sure whether through the veins of the meat has fat or no. If they have than the animal had good food. If there is no gram of white fat, and water comes out of it then the pigs received growth hormones and antibiotics with their food. Cook the meat without burning it.

If it burns than appears dioxin, which is carcinogen. Best to bake wrapped in foil or Teflon oven and possibly electric grill. If someone really likes the smell of smoke can roasts and grilled barbecue.

Beware to put the meat on the grid when the coal will stop smoking when creates strong embers- explains Dr. Stojsic and finally concludes that children certainly should not be given processed meats, especially hot dogs and liverwurst.

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